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High street Foundations

I LOVE foundations, they are my favourite beauty product to try/buy and own, whether it is high end or high street. I just adore finding new foundations that give the flawless result that I am looking for with the lasting power to get me through my day. What I want from a foundation does change in line with a few factors thus being, the condition of my skin, time of year and the occasion I may need it for, say a wedding or a glam night out with the girlies (you all know who you are and I love ya all). With all this in mind I like to have lots of options available, but generally I look for a flawless result without being too heavy, with a dewy finish. Today’s Blog is specifically targeted at high street favourites from my bravo shop Boots (thanks you to all the lovely staff for putting up with me testing all the foundations hehe . The reason I have decided to Blog about this is due to my top rated Question that I get asked for when doing makeup applications (“Amanda what’s the best high street foundation?”)

L’Oréal Infallible Sculpt Foundation

It is a creamy, glowy finish, that really gives a flawless finish without

looking too cakey, which is basically the exact thing I look for in a foundation. It does only come in a few shades- light, medium and dark which could be off-putting for some customers but amazing for an Mua who is confident mixing shades, but light works perfectly for me. It costs £9.99 which is just insanely cheap for such a great foundation.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

This is another really great foundation. It isn’t as fast flowing as some of the other foundations I have used but it blends out beautifully and once it is on you and had a chance to warm to your skin, it is like a second skin it is that sheer.

Bourjois 123 CC cream

This isn’t officially a foundation but it has the coverage of a foundation so I am popping it into my Blog . It is really amazing!!! I hadn’t really been expecting much from it to be honest but thought I would give it a try since my lovely friend Natalie Raves about it. I can honestly say I was totally blown away. This is much thinner than the foundation version above, but the coverage is still fantastic and it feels so light on the my supper sensitive skin. It is super hydrating and just blends in so beautifully with my Illamasqua blending brush into my skin. This one is £9.99 and currently on a 3 for 2 deal.

L’Oréal Infallible 24 hour foundation

This is definitely the thickest in consistency that I have tried, it isn’t necessarily any heavier on the skin, but it is just a thicker product and it slightly less dewy than the others. It is however super flawless and really long lasting I applied it at 6 am and I was still skin confident at 8 pm. So it is perfect for something like a summer wedding , where you want your makeup to look flawless and to last all day. I wouldn’t say you can get 24 hours out of it (although who even wears foundation for 24 hours eek lol ) but it does last well and I have a combination skin. This one costs £10.99 and again is on 3 for 2 so ideal for MUA's mixing, or a winter summer shade for individual use.

My Fravo

Picking my final favourite was really hard as it was a toss up between a few Rimmel ones, all of which I love, but I think I am going to have to go with Rimmel Match Perfection eeeeek my fravo . It has been a favourite of mine for a good number of years now and I still feel I can trust this product 100% . I feel that this is a radiance giving foundation on my skin, but slightly less glowy than the wake me up foundation. It is a really sheer consistency that still provides a very even complexion with a beautiful finish to the skin. Price tag on this is perfect too at £8.29 or 2 for £12

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