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Cutting edge ingredients that don’t burst the purse?

The Award-Winning, Sell-Out Aldi Lacura Caviar Range Is Set To Return soon eek I am so excited, You need to put a note in your diary – the previously sold out Aldi Lacura Caviar range is set to return, but as they’re only available to purchase as part of the supermarket’s ‘Special weekly Buys’ range they’re set to sell out once again, how frustrating for an Advocate like me. When they last hit the shelves, Aldi sold 60,000 jars of their Caviar cream on the first day. As the brains behind the brilliant budget beauty range say: “once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

When the Aldi Lacura Caviar Range first launched, it was bought by everyone

from beauty bloggers to the industry’s top experts and little old me, and after the Aldi Lacura range sold out, it was subsequently selling for three times the price on eBay. The reason for the range’s success? Both affordable and effective, the Aldi Lacura product selection starts at just £1.29. Each product contains caviar extract which is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which are great for plumping and firming skin, as well as leaving you with a healthy glow.

Caviar extract also contains an anti-ageing property more commonly found in high-end expensive beauty products, such as La Prairie. However, for a slice of their youth-boosting secret formulas, you’re looking at a price tag around £292.

Adli's range also includes Snow Algae Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. Snow Algae has been clinically proven to extend the life of skin cells and is said to trigger stem cells to replicate, replace damaged cells and in turn, rejuvenate the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is often referred to as ‘the fountain of youth’ and is something our bodies naturally produce to cushion joints and nerve tissues, read this in my google frenzy lol (for those who like Kevin Bridges he has a sketch where he says he gets obsessed with googling stuff and then get distracted by the time he realises he is googling another thing altogether an is an expert on all things haha. Ok so this is what happened here lol ) . When applied to the skin, it improves hydration, stimulates the production of collagen and maintains skin elasticity. That’s one hardworking acid.

So the Low Down :) what hero products should you be looking out for in the Aldi Lacura Caviar Range? Take a look..

Caviar Illumination Day Cream 50ml £6.99

The importance of protecting your skin can’t be ignored, and this day cream has SPF 15 with UVA & UVB protection. What a lovely little add on to have the knowledge that your skin is protected.

The packaging of the whole range is surprisingly expensive looking verging on slightly luxurious. The glass jars are weighty, well made and feel ten times their price tag. The whole range has a clean, clinical smell which I love and many of my customers love too. It’s not overbearing, as some skincare with expensive ingredients tends to be. The cream feels silky, it glides on and sinks into the skin well. I could put my make-up on over this without feeling caked, oily or greasy. Using a tiny amount, I could cover my whole face. My skin was softer and smoother after my 7 days trial days

Caviar Eye Roll On £4.99 10ml

This contains liposome concentrate and hyaluronic acid, to promote hydration, reduce puffiness and lines around the eyes. Again, it’s well-packaged and feels decadence for the £4.99 price tag, unlike some creams where your paying for 60% of packaging. The fragrancy again is not an overbearing

smell. The texture is divine Smooth and glossy…. what more do you want for your eyes. The silver ball is very cooling, it feels great on the eye area. I personally like that it doesn’t dispense too much product. Some eye roll-ons I’ve tried leave you feeling wet and I am not keen on that for my pretty green eyes, hehe. This product sinks in straight away which is ace for applying your eye base makeup. My eyes are prone to puffiness especially the morning after a big summer blow out, and this does the trick by reducing that. Time will tell about the little crow’s feet that I have dramatically gained the day after my 30Th birthday. I really like this and I’ll be buying again in BULK when they hit our shelfs soon.

Caviar Night cream 50ml £6.99

The night cream contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to help soothe and repair damaged skin. If you pair this with the day cream, the double dose of Caviar, Snow Algae and Hyaluronic Acid, it’s going to give you a real boost of hydration. We defo all need that after “THE BEAST FROM THE EAST”, this weather has been too much for my skin. I like the packaging and it looks lovely on my new bathroom shelf. Unexpectedly, I found this to be thinner than the day cream but equally rich in texture. I preferred this already, I just felt that it suited my skin far better for some weird reason. In the morning, my skin felt hydrated and soft. My make-up seems to go on better this week, probably because my skin isn’t dry like usual, and I am paying a lot of attention to it this week. I so much prefer this more to the day cream, so impressed that I could mistook it for a luxury product with the premium price tag.

Lacura Caviar 3-Minute Peel Mask £ 6.99 50ml

This mask contains concentrated exfoliants to gently remove dead skin cells while providing a moisture boost to the skin. It’s designed to improve elasticity and tone, decrease redness and ‘enhance your natural glow. As we all know from previous pics I have lots of redness and this really did seem to help with it. The clear jar comes with a little brush to apply the mask which I find rather cute and convenient. It’s quite runny, but I think I’m just used to a detox drying mask. It feels quite cooling on the skin when applying which I loved. It’s easy to apply with the brush. When on, I can feel a slight pleasant tingle, reassuring me it’s working which is always nice. After leaving it on for three 3 minutes, I removed it with warm water and my old fashioned flannel. I think the word ‘peel’ threw me off , as I expected it to dry my skin out. Again, with my oily skin I do prefer a clay mask, but that’s my personal preference. That said, it felt refreshing and my skin felt brighter and super hydrated.

Caviar 7-Day Intensive Treatment £ 7.99

This is a highly concentrated 7-day skincare regime for day and night. Lavish anti-ageing ingredients leave skin hydrated, refreshed and smoother. This promises to help skin that has been put under additional stress (e.g. the winter weather eek!.. The beast from the east is really serving us well in this blog haha). Ok, I’ll admit, this packaging excites me. I love anything with a scientific feel, and the little ampoule phials make me believe this will work. These are completely odourless. Like a serum, these treatments feel luxurious and hydrating. The instructions say to empty a whole phial into the palm of your hands and massage it into the skin. Maybe I have a small face, but the amount of product is very generous. Luckily, the phial when tipped upside down dispenses a little at a time, so you don’t waste any. I used only a third of a phial a day, and that was more than enough to cover the whole face, anything more would have left my skin sticky. I did prefer to pat the product into my pores rather than massage it in I felt I gained a better result.

I think you’re all going to be making a trip to Aldi pretty soon…

Hurry up Aldi …

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